Authentic Pines
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Get to know the 5 Chicago Punks

Authentic Pines is an Alt-Punk band from the Chicago area - Made up of Lead Vocalist Joel Smith, Drummer Vince Savarino, Bass Guitar Charlie Fredian, Lead Guitar Charlie Verdico, Rhythm Guitar Nathan Markiewicz. They have been active since April 2017 and have amassed a local following for their intense live shows, hard-hitting punk tracks, and vibrant personas.


Hailing from the greater Chicago suburbs, the boys in Authentic Pines started by jamming in a warehouse in the evenings after school and work. Immediately there was a bond between the 5 that led to a passionate rock group. They began writing songs and performing at open mics and house parties. They eventually released their second EP "Better Broken", which quickly passed over 60,000 streams over the course of under 2 months.



Joel Smith
Lead Vocals

Charlie Verdico
Lead Guitar

Charlie Fredian

Nathan Markiewicz
Rhythm Guitar

Vince Savarino


Check out the most recent EP

"Better Broken"


Check out the music video for single "Pineapple Boy"